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Advanced nurse practitioner Julie Jenks

Julie Jenks

“I am really enthusiastic about helping people with bladder problems. As a nurse practitioner in urology, my job involves working every day with men and women who have bladder difficulties. It is because of this that I can empathise about how miserable and life limiting bladder conditions can be.

“I realise there is such a taboo surrounding the subject of bladder problems and sympathise with people who have suffered for months or years in silence. I want to help in informing people that there are so many treatments available for a problematic bladder that people need not suffer in silence any longer.

“As a team myself and my consultant colleague Mr Jeremy Ockrim work closely to understand triggers that may make an individual’s bladder worse, for example the food they eat and the fluid they drink. If simple measures are not effective then there are several good treatments like acupuncture and sacral neurostimulation. It’s much better than ten years ago, when at that time, if the tablets didn’t work the next stage was surgery, which is a big step.

“Mr Ockrim and I work closely with patients making a thorough assessment of their symptoms and offering effective, sometimes advanced treatment options. I am a qualified and experienced medical acupuncturist, and may provide acupuncture if it is the right option for you.

“My role is offering one of continuous support. I talk to patients about all aspects of their daily life and consider factors such as hormonal fluctuations that may affect their bladder over activity. I am open and honest with patients and ensure we work together to help in any way possible.

“Treatment for bladder problems is rarely simple, so it is important you have someone to talk to and contact whenever you need support or advice. Patients I work with often call me for a chat when they have some concerns or need some guidance, and this open approach I feel is essential. I am committed to trying to find en effective solution to your bladder problems.”