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Mr Ockrim is a specialist in male and female incontinence,prolapse and bladder reconstruction and has a specialist interest in the management and treatment of overactive bladder and pelvic pain

Treatments include:

Mr Ockrim is the clinical lead for sacral nerve neuromodulation at University College Hospital, and is one of the first providers of sacral nerve stimulation to manage urgency, incontinence, and pain syndromes in the United Kingdom

Sacral Nerve Neurmodulation

Mr Ockrim works alongside Nurse Specialist Julie Jenks and together have the largest experience of sacral nerve stimulation for bladder dysfunction in the UK. Mr Ockrim is the clinical lead lead specialist for SNS and bladder dysfunction at University College Hospital, London. Together they have treated over 140 patients in the last 12 months and have many more waiting; with the majority finding their urgency and incontinence has significantly improved or ceased, and over 70% proceeding to the permanent implant after a test stimulation.