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Mr Ockrim has given well over 150 medical presentations and is highly respected by colleagues both at home and abroad receiving many  invitations to give specialist medical presentations at conferences and seminars both nationally and internationally


Selected most recent presentations 2012-2013

Female urethral diverticula: evaluation of voiding dysfunction before and after surgery USANZ 2012

The Uses and Outcome of the Martius Fat Pad in Female Urology EAU 2012

An initial experience of sacral neuromodulation: indications and outcomes BAUS 2012

Salvage stress incontinence surgery: indications and outcomes of autologous rectus fascia sling BAUS 2013

Tined lead versus percutaneous nerve evaluation for sacral nerve stimulator assessment EAU, AUA, BAUS  2013

Sacral nerve modulation (SNM) for the treatment of idiopathic refractory overactive bladder: cost-effectiveness compared to optimal medical therapy, botulinum toxin a (bont-a) and percutaneous tibial nerve stimulation (PTNS) EAU, AUA 2013

Trans-obturator autologous fascia-synthetic hybrid tape to salvage intrinsic sphincter deficiency (type III) stress urinary incontinence: an initial experience RSM 2013

Vesicovaginal Fistula in the United Kingdom Arab Health 2013