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Jeremy Ockrim,Consultant Urological Surgeon & co founder

Mr Jeremy Ockrim is Honorary Senior Lecturer at University College London UCL and Consultant Urological Surgeon in Female and Re-constructive Surgery at University College Hospital, London UCLH.

Mr Ockrim has particular interest in managing bladder over-activity and pain syndromes. This includes medical therapy, acupuncture, pTENS and Sacral nerve neuromodulation. He is the clinical lead for this new technique at UCLH, and is one of the first providers of sacral nerve stimulation to manage urgency, incontinence and pain syndromes in the United Kingdom.

Based in London where he consults privately at 101 Harley Street and at the hospital of St John & St Elizabeth Mr Ockrim attends several private hospitals in London including Princess Grace Hospital and The Wellington Hospital.

Mr Ockrim is vastly experienced and has a particular interest in managing bladder overactivity and pain syndromes. He provides comprehensive assessment, diagnostic and treatment services for a range of urological conditions.

“Bladder research enables us to find the solutions for patients with difficulty passing urine, pain voiding and incontinence, which cause misery for so many”


UnknownTamsin Greenwell,  Consultant Urological Surgeon

Miss Tamsin Greenwell has been a Consultant Urological Surgeon with a Special Interest in Female, Reconstructive and Neuro-Urology since 2002. Tamsin qualified in medicine from Manchester University in 1990, and did her urological training in Brighton, Guy’s and Thomas’s and UCLH and The Institute of Urology. She was awarded an MD for her research in laser tissue interactions in 2000. She has run the UCL Diploma in Urology and MSc Urology courses and the Pan Thames Higher Surgical Training Teaching Programme since 2004 and has been the Urology Tutor at the Royal College of Surgeons of England since 2006.

” For too long bladder problems such as urinary incontinence, urinary frequency and bladder pain have been overlooked in terms of funding and public awareness. These problems may not be life threatening, but they do destroy lives and deserve everyone’s best efforts to find and fund a cure.”

imagesJulian Shah,  Consultant Urological Surgeon

Thirty years of specialisation has put Julian Shah firmly at the top of his field. He has developed an expertise in a number of highly specialised areas within urology and has become one of the leading authorities in the treatment of female incontinence and neuro-urology. His clinical interests are particularly expert in the female with complex urinary incontinence, neuro-urology and reconstructive surgery. He is a the lead consultant in the Female /Re-constructive Surgery firm at UCL Hospitals where he works in close co-operation with Miss Greenwell, Mr Ockrim and Mr Hamid.

My mission in life is to “make the wet dry” and to solve difficult, long-standing benign prostate problems. Research into bladder dysfunction really does help to improve the quality of life for all those effected”


JulieJenksJulie Jenks,  Urology Clinical Nurse Practitioner

Julie Jenks is an advanced nurse practitioner specialising in urological treatment and care.

Her NHS post is at University Hospital London Hospitals NHS Trust, a national centre of excellence for female and reconstructive urology. Miss Jenks is a Medical Acupuncturist, with extensive experience of treating chronic pelvic pain and detrusor overactivity.

Miss Jenks is the holder of an NHS Champion Award, in recognition of staff providing exceptional care. In March 2012, Miss Jenks won a prestigious national British Journal of Nursing award.

“I am delighted to fundraise on behalf on the Parnell Fund as I recognise the importance of research & development in the field of urology.  Taboos need to be broken and no one needs to suffer in silence.  Neville has shown that if you speak out about your bladder problems you can overcome them and go on to lead a very fulfilling life’”


placeholderLois Roberts  General Manager Division of Surgical Specialties University College London Hospital

Bladder incontinence is a very common condition but for many embarrassment or lack of awareness can lead to needless suffering with many experiencing socially disabling symptoms. Incontinence is a medical condition that can be treated and for some patients cured.



placeholderClaire Westbury, Parnell Fund Manager






Unknown-2Gareth Chilcott  Bath England and British Lions rugby legend

Rugby legend Gareth Chilcott  is one of the most recognisable, highly popular members of English rugby. As a prop forward he played for Bath England and British Lions and has always been recognised as one of the game’s big characters.

In full attack, his famed headband and trademark moustache, coupled with his fearsome visage were never calculated to put his opponents at ease. Always giving 110 %, he gained respect both in this country and abroad.

Former England rugby star Gareth Chilcott has opened The Tunnels, two former railway arches close to Temple Meads station, which have been transformed into a popular  live music venue in Bristol.



Toni Whitby
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IMG_0406Neville Parnell. UCLH Patient & co-founder

Neville says: “Without the expertise, skillful treatment and outstanding support of the UCLH specialist urology unit, I could never have embarked on the physical challenges I have set myself nor enjoy the quality of life I have now.”