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Mount Etna Challenge 2013

127 13_006_ Parnell Fund Mt Etna Group 1406When it comes to fundraising challenges, they don’t get much hotter than this one.

Does the idea of climbing an active volcano appeal to you?

Well it certainly does to Ockrim’s Bladder Olympians.

After the success of last years Mount Olympus Challenge. Jeremy Ockrim will be leading the team  from the Female, Functional & Restorative Urology Unit at UCLH.The team will be gearing up to take on the biggest one of all and will be climbing Europe’s most active and awesome volcano, Mount Etna in Sicily. Returning on 15th September, they will trek over 55km to the summit of the 3,350m high volcano, returning (we hope!!) after 4 days.

Despite the torrid conditions experienced in last years Mount Olympus challenge where the team were stranded on the side of the mountain by unpresented torrential rain and a very lively thunder and lighting storm

Consultant Urological Surgeon Mr Jeremy Ockrim loves the challenge of it all. “Volcanoes are more interesting than mountains. Nothing particularly happens on a mountain (apart from that deluge of rain!!!) but if something happens on a volcano, there’s a bit more excitement.”

This is a charity like no other, and it needs YOUR support today. Every penny raised will go to this amazing charity that is committed to advancing the treatment and management of bladder conditions whilst also raising public awareness of the bladder conditions that affect millions of people in the UK each year and break down some of the taboos surrounding urological conditions, encouraging people to seek help .We want to let people know that it is not something they have to live with, they can be treated and quality of life can be restored

This is a major and extremely exciting challenge for the team, and our aim is to raise over £100,000 for   research, education and training of urologists together with providing more  patient information and raising public awareness.

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    With your support, we know we can achieve this