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Monte Carlo or Bust

ollowing the success of last years Danger in the Dolomites Challenge, Jeremy Ockrim will once again be leading the “famous Ockrim’s Olympians” on their latest charity challenge.
“Monte Carlo or Bust”

A 950 mile romp across Europe in aid of raising awareness and funds for those suffering from urological conditions. This year’s challenge will see Ockrims Olympians being joined by people from the business, legal and medical world in one of their toughest challenges known to mankind in cars costing less than £499.99. The intrepid explorers will be setting off from UCLH on September 9th in their jaunty jalopies to Monte Carlo.
The teams will have to overcome a number of challenges on the way to Monte Carlo, including risking life and limb in an attempt to climb

Big Thunder Mountain: the Wildest Ride in the West

(in Disneyland !!!)

We will try and Climb steep heights and dive below raging waterfalls in a speeding mine cart.

We will then board a mysterious train deep in the heart of a legendary mountain for a thrilling journey of dips and sharp turns beneath Rivers of the Far West and around a ghostly mining town.

Plummeting through the darkness along a dynamite-littered track, A raging river above us . Will we make it out alive?


Full details on how you can nominate your team for a particular challenge on the way to follow soon.

The Parnell fund would like to say a big thank you to their main sponsors Vesica Urology. Adrian and his team Optismoothe will be joining us in what promises to be a great challenge with plenty of thrills and spills on the way.

We would also like to take this opportunity of saying a big thank you to BQI Group for there continuing support in arranging insurance cover for our challenges. Without the support of our sponsors, challenges such as this would not be possible.

Please help Ockrim’s Olympians to help you by sponsoring them on these exciting challenges.