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Minimally invasive procedures


We are one of the small number of centres in the UK offering medical acupuncture as a treatment for the overactive bladder and chronic pelvic pain.
Advanced nurse practitioner Julie Jenks specialises in the use of acupuncture for the overactive bladder, as well as bladder/pelvic pain syndromes. Studies show acupuncture can be effective in terms of increasing bladder capacity and reducing discomfort.

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For Men and Women suffering from the embarrassing and distressing condition of an overactive bladder the bladder muscle often contract at the wrong time, causing a desperate urge to pass urine. Often resulting in urinary incontinence or the inconvenience of having to visit the toilet frequently day and night. Botox injections work by reducing these bladder contractions. When simple bladder exercises and medication have not had the desired effect Botox injections may prove to be an effective alternative in helping alleviate the symptoms or even resolve the symptoms all together.

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Percutaneous tibial Nerve Stimulation (PTNS)

Percutaneous nerve stimulation can be effective as an incontinence treatment in terms of strengthening the muscles required to achieve better bladder control and inhibiting the nerve impulses that cause unwanted bladder contraction, resulting in urgency.

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Sacral nerve neuromodulation

I work alongside Advanced Nurse Practitioner Julie Jenks and we have the largest experience of sacral nerve neuromodulation for bladder dysfunction in the UK.
Sacral neuromodulation is a very important new breakthrough in the treatment of the overactive bladder. It provides an effective solution for women when conservative treatment has not worked. It avoids the risk of catheters with major surgery.”

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Urethral bulking agents for female stress incontinence

Stress incontinence which causes urine leakage after you laugh ,cough, exercise or sneeze can be effectively treated with urethral bulking agents This can be a good treatment option for women who would like a minimally invasive procedure, or for those who have had previous surgery which has not been effective.Urethral bulking agents are injected underneath the lining of the urethra(the pipe which carries urine out from the body)to add extra bulk to the sphincter and aid closure of the bladder outlet.

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