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Bladder awareness month


Bladder awareness month highlights a common but rarely talked about problem


This September will see the first ,  National Bladder Health Awareness Month.Male bladder health

Men and women often suffer in silence with symptoms that severely impact their day-to-day living because they are too embarrassed to discuss the issue, not only with their health care professional but also with their friends.

On average, people will struggle for seven years, with their bladder issues before seeking help. Upon seeking advice advice from a healthcare professional people often find that they have a common and a very treatable condition.

If you are suffering with bladder health issues, you do not have to accept the conditions as permanent or as a natural part of ageing!

Our aim is to educate women, men and the community about bladder health issues and the successful treatment options available. These treatments range from simple  lifestyle changes to new surgical techniques that are available to cure or to manage the disorder.

“In the majority of cases, all of these types of incontinence are treatable with  a wide range of established treatments for incontinence- many are effective, non-invasive options. You should not feel that you simply have to put up with problems which often have a very distressing and limiting impact on lives.”

Jeremy Ockrim Consultant Urological Surgeon