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Patients Stories

Incontinence is something people don’t want to talk about. But it affects so many women and can have a terrible affect on your life. I hope more women will find out about the sacral neuromodulation treatment because if I’m honest, I’d say it really has changed my life.
Amy’s Incontinence patient
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“I hope awareness of Interstitial Cystitis will grow because unless you have experience of this condition, it is very difficult to understand how painful it is and what a terrible impact it can have upon your life.
Alan Interstitial Cystitis patient



My advice to anyone else out there suffering with incontinence would be to recommend the male sling. It is a procedure which simply does the job it is designed for. In my experience at least, the effects were immediate and life changing. I’m just enjoying getting back to normal and never having to think or worry about incontinence.
Paul Male Sling patient