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Parnell Fund-What we do


About The Parnell Fund

In 2009   Jeremy Ockrim Consultant Uroligist UCLH and Neville Parnell, a long-term patient of ours at UCLH, set up the Parnell Fund a charitable fund within UCLH Charities.

The Parnell Fund has three main objectives supporting patients, staff and medical research

Live your life don’t suffer in silence

To raise awareness of the urological conditions that affect millions of people in the UK each year and to break down some of the taboos surrounding urological conditions., encouraging people to seek help.

We want to let people know that it is not something they have to live with, they can be treated and quality of life can be restored


Bladder research improves patients lives  

To support surgical research and development within the specialist Female, Functional and Restorative Urology unit at UCLH.

The specialist Female, Functional and Restorative Urology unit at UCLH. Is the largest centre of its kind in The UK and provides expertise to urologists in the UK and abroad with over 70% of its work referred from other hospitals.

Performing reconstructive surgery and treatment for
those with functional urological problems. It offers 
worldwide recognised standards of excellence in research, evaluation and treatment of functional urological 
problems including assessment and management of amongst others, overactive bladder syndrome, stress urinary incontinence, dysfunctional voiding and bladder emptying problems.

Education & Training
We strive for excellence and perfection in all we do, through continuing education

To enable clinicians from the specialist Female, Functional and Restorative Urology unit at UCLH to attend conferences where they can share best practice with other delegates and expand their specialist knowledge,ensuring  that they can provide patients with first-class care

Help fund clinical visits not only to learn new skills and techniques but also to in the teaching and training of urologists in developing countries in skills ranging from basic to more complex reconstructive and minimally invasive surgery.

We also aim to help and encourage junior doctors to become consultant urologists of the future

Throughout the year  we organise various fundraising challenges and special events. Both to raise funds for the Parnell Fund, and to help raise public awareness about urological conditions and the effective treatments available.

All the challenges and special events, which take part through out the year, are self-funded and all staff at the Parnell Fund donate their time and skills free of charge . This ensures that every penny raised supports funding into research, awareness, and education.

The Parnell Fund comprises of leading consultant urologists, specialists medical personal and successful sports and business figures who all share our ethos that funding into Awareness, Research and Education will ultimately benefit patients by encouraging early diagnosis, ensuring that patients receive the best possible care encompassing the latest skills and techniques . Ensuring that the Female, Functional and Restorative Urology unit at UCLH. Is at the forefront of urological research and development

To enable this vital funding into Awareness, Research and Education we rely on donations from individuals, legacies, and corporate sponsors.
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Please help us so that we can help you

Spread the Word

You can inform others about the Parnell Funds work and help raise money for the various ongoing projects by linkink/likeing on facebook and encouraging your friends and family to support or donate.

Live Your Life Don’t Suffer in Silence