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Painful bladder syndrome/interstitial cystitis

Interstitial cystitis(IC) and painful bladder syndrome(PBS)are serious and debilitating conditions which have a major impact upon the life of the affected is estimated that IC/PBS affect half a million people in the UK (90)% of these being women.
Painful blader syndrome (alson referred to as chronic pelvic pain syndrome )includes a wide variety of painful conditions which affect the bladder,urethra ,vagina,groin,lower back and the prostate in men
Symptoms and pain very widely with IC/PBS patients can experience all or any of the following:-

Frequency– In early or mild cases the need to go to the toilet frequently may be the only symptom in more severe case people may need to go to the toilet up to sixty times in any twenty four hour period.

Urgency-An urgent need to urinate frequently day and night.This is often associated with a decreased bladder capacity.

Bladder/pelvic pain– pressure and tenderness around the abdomen,bladder,urethra,vagina,prostate in men,pelvis and perineum.Pain is often exacerbated by urination or sexual intercourse(ejaculation in men).

The pain from interstitial cystitis and the debilitating impact it can have is poorly understood,often underestimated and the diagnosis often delayed.
Fortunately we have good, effective treatments for both PBC and IC. Early diagnosis and treatment can help control the symptoms and alleviate chronic suffering which many patients endure over many years.

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