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Mitrofanoff Supports primary role is to repre- sent the interests of people with a Mitrofanoff. By doing this, we hope to address the general lack of public knowledge present and future.

Mitrofanoff Support was founded by Kyla Rogers in early 2010. The organisation offers support and reassurance to anyone who may be about to have, or anyone who already has a Mi- trofanoff, and of course their nearest and dear- est. We work closely with medical professionals to help them understand what it is like to live with a

On the 11th January 2012 Mitrofanoff Support gained charity status. There are no other Mitrofanoff groups in the world, therefore we are extremely happy to have achieved this.

Living with a Mitrofanoff can be a very lonely world if you do not know anybody else with one. It can have a great impact psychologically and can cause problems with relationships, intimacy, self esteem and confidence.

Mitrofanoff Support aims to have a real sense of com- munity across the country and help prevent people from feeling this way.

We speak to people both pre and post-operatively, we try to help them with their worries, fears and try to support them as much as we can. We do this by talking over the phone, email, instant messaging and visit people either at home or in the hospitals.

Please email or phone us at Mitrofanoff Support with any questions
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